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As a young child, my grandmother Mavis, would walk me around her beautiful garden and tell me about her flowers.  This instilled a desire to capture and create everlasting beauty for interiors.  When you walk into a room it is touches of floral and greenery that really add the 'icing on the cake' to me.  Along with my grandmother, I was fortunate to have grown up with an entreprenurial father, who designed gardens for his clients.  I would stand at his desk and watch as he created drawings, looking at concepts of space and use of shrubs natives and trees. Also memories of my mother, bringing flowers from our family garden into the house, creating beautiful arrangements and seeing the kitchen sink with so many chopped off stalks and leaves!  With time being of the essence, we now have the choice to not spend hours outside tending to a flower garden, but now being able to fill our vases with faux flowers that not only 'look' real but also 'feel' real.

I love travelling, and it is a pleasure to be able to hand select all of our products so you can enjoy beauty indoors, without having to chop the stemens off lillies, or change the brown water every 2 days!!  We currently have our product stocked exclusively at White Picnic, Hamilton & Cambridge if you are ever passing by.

Happy shopping, flowers always make the heart skip a beat!

Jayne x